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Home > Marketing Systems > Realtor Farming System > Feature SummarySeptember 22nd, 2021

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All paid subscribers to CommercialHotline.net gain full access to Brian's Top Producer Marketing Systems. As a cornerstone, the Realtor Farming System is intended to help you aim for up to 5-back pocket realtors in just 90-days.

How does the Realtor Farming System Work?

You pick 15 realtors with whom you would like to work. Be sure to select those who are closing at least 3 deals each month. Next, begin marketing to them with Brian's proven post cards. Then, set up an appointment to and make a very simple, yet powerful presentation. Now here's the good news: the value proposition for the realtor is so strong that you could close as many as 70% of your presentations.

Here's what you get:

1. The Realtor Farming Postcards

Simply take the postcard templates and customize them for your business. There are four different messages designed to build your credibility.

2. The Realtor Meeting Script

It covers exactly what to say and how to present your program in this easy-to-understand 2-page document. It also prepares you for common responses and objections and how to overcome them. Simply follow the script to maximize your chances of closing a high percentage of realtors.

3. The Basic Service Agreement Between You And The Realtor

This 1-page agreement mainalizes the relationship and helps the realtor see all the valuable services you provide. Additionally, the realtor signing it helps them to remember their commitment to you.

4. The Lead Tracking Form

This serves as a reminder to send you leads and makes it very easy to do. You simply fax it over with a note each Monday and then follow-up until you get the main back.

5. The Weekly Status Form

Show them how many pre-approvals and deals you've sent them each week. You simply log every lead received, provide a status on this main and fax to the realtor weekly. This is your opportunity to shine and possibly get more realtors in the same office as your fax comes through their common area.

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