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Home > Marketing Systems> Marketing StrategiesSeptember 22nd, 2021

Strategy #1 - Marketing Bank Turn Downs!

Banks get the brunt of initial loans from customers and have very specific guidelines. Excellent borrowers get turned down by banks all the time for things that many times are no problem for us. I have seen banks turn down deals because they did not like Apartment units or because a property was outside the geographic area they like to lend in. Because of that they are a great source of loans and yet few, if any, Loan Officers market to these people. Our commercial flyers are perfect sheets to hand out to bank loan officers and there is no RESPA to deal with. You CAN pay them referral fees and most will be stoked to make just $500 or $1000 for a referral - and you don't pay unless it closes. The key is to remember the law of 5 in sales!

Strategy #2 - Lead Generation Report Marketing

One of the hottest ways to generate leads is to offer a free report. People call, leave their name, number, address and e-mail and you have a new lead. This builds up your database of potential clients and starts a basic follow-up system that generates you business. I have written an informative free report that you can use for this strategy.

Strategy #3 - Courthouse / Leads Marketing with Direct Mail

This strategy is more work than the other strategies discussed so far; however, it can bear good fruit also if worked. Basically, it involves getting targeted leads and marketing them through a combination of the mail and follow-up. You can get the names through either a leads broker or yourself through the courthouse records or the internet. We will focus on 2 of the best niches - churches and non-recourse. Again, remember the rules of direct mail and the law of 5.

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