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Home > Marketing Systems > Feature SummarySeptember 22nd, 2021

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Marketing Q&A

You'll enjoy an entire library of commonly asked loan scenario questions you can browse by intuitive menu's or keyword search phrases. A fantastic resource center, you'll use time and time again for educational purposes and building your knowledge base. Owners can use this valuable resource for in-house training sessions and role playing.

Q&A archives offer you:

  • Questions from our subscriber base reflecting recent real-life loan scenarios.
  • Detailed answers written by Brian and his expert staff.
  • Deep insight and expertise that only a seasoned professional can provide.
  • An entire library of thousands of commonly asked loan scenario's questions by category that you can browse with intuitive menus or using our keyword search phrase feature.

A wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise is waiting for you!

Marketing Flyers

Almost 20 different flyers on different niches and products for you to use to market commercial. One of the hottest ways to get commercial business is to market niches-to past clients, Realtors, small businesses and more. These flyers have even been mailed out and gotten responses just through the mail-they are that hot. Everything is here, the 100% No Doc, Non-recourse, Apartment Complex financing, Business Only Financing, SBA Financing, and more. This section of the site alone, if you will just get these flyers out to your sphere of influence, WILL generate you loans and more then pay for the cost of this service for years to come!

Monthly Conference Calls

Bound to be our most popular feature, Brian gets $1000 for a 1-2 hour training session and all paid Commercial Hotline subscribers get a free 2 hour training session EVERY month via live conference call. Brian will share with you techniques to marketing commercial, business building strategies, new commercial loan programs you may not know about and more. Each one is sure to boost your income many times the cost of this service. And best of all, we record each one and post them right here so you can catch them any time or download them and listen as needed for pump up and ongoing training for you and your employees. All this is FREE to paid subscribers!

Commercial Marketing Strategies

Proven strategies to generate commercial business. I have either worked these successfully myself or one of my hundreds of net branches have. These are not theories done by Madison Avenue marketers but actual systems or strategies used in TODAY's Marketplace by people like you and me. Choose any one of these strategies and if you work them, you WILL build your business. I am nationally known for my marketing ability and here you get some of my proven marketing systems-FREE to paid subscribers. As we come upon new strategies, and only after they have tested and proven to work, do we add them here. Start with one and then add others and soon you will have multiple revenue streams of commercial business!

Commercial Realtor Farming System

This system is incredibly simple and has been used successfully by myself, and my Commercial Net Branches, to get lots of business from Commercial Realtors. A couple of different systems are given, choose the one that fits your style but ALL OF THEM WORK! Commercial Realtors are rarely marketed to and if you will use these systems, you will find them receptive and open to marketing. Everything you need is provided as a paid subscriber to Commercial Hotline.net. These systems even work on residential Realtors, many of whom want to get into commercial as well!

Commercial Follow Up System

The beautiful thing about commercial pre-qualifying a commercial client is that the property is what matters. If they don't qualify for one property because of cash-flow, etc. they may qualify for another. Also, people who buy one commercial property usually buy others. The law of 5 in sales says that 80% of the business happens after the 5th contact. Well this system allows you to follow up with every lead out to 5 times increasing your conversions, your numbers of deals and the perception that client has of you. Alternating value added reports with phone calls creates a perception that you are more then just a salesman, you are a consultant and a trusted advisor. This system includes everything you need-all the letters and the reports. You just need to download and you are on your way!

Commercial Top Producer

A 20 page magazine on commercial lending chock full of tips and strategies to help Residential Brokers tap the Commercial Market!

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