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Commercial Hotline Monthly Subscription Platinum

CommercialHotline.net platinum service is a powerful LIVE HELP service for residential brokers looking to add commercial AND commercial loan officers who need help on packaging or placing tough deals. You get exclusive access 9-5 with live experienced representative with no less then 5 years of commercial experience per agent and the knowledge of having looked at, and priced out, thousands of scenarios. It is like an On-call Commercial Veteran helping you close more commercial deals and the best part is-they get no commissions! You don't share or pay referral fees. Your monthly access gives you FREE Commercial pros on call helping you close more deals. This can make you thousands! And on top of this live help, which can help you close a lot more loans that you may not have closed, we also have the website that offers marketing tools, useful reports, MONTHLY FREE BUSINESS BUILDING CONFERENCE CALLS and so much more. No set up fees, no sharing your commissions, just one simple monthly charge and YOU call the shots, you can cancel anytime-it doesn't get any better then that!


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