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As the name implies, Pick a Lender, can help you select the right lender and loan program for all your borrowers. Pick a Lender is a completely objective, automated program that gives you instant answers. Simply follow the menu driven choices, make your selections and hit enter. Within minutes you'll know which lenders and programs will work for each individual.

How will "Pick a Lender" help me close more loans?

Time is money and the answers section will save you several hours a week. How many times have you found yourself unsure of what loan program to use? Or, not knowing if a loan program exists for that tough credit score/self employed borrower. Owners, you'll enjoy incredible time savings by eliminating that long line that naturally forms in front of your door? Let Brian's Pick a Lender program and his expert staff help your people be more independent and productive.

What you'll gain access to:

Email Access

Direct access to Brian and his staff of expert mortgage professionals through email.

Pick a Lender

An automated program responding to loan program scenarios within 2-3 minutes. This proprietary program was master minded, designed and created by Brian Peart and his team.

Q&A Archives

An entire library of thousands of commonly asked loan scenario's questions by category that you can browse or search using keyword phrases.

There are some things in the mortgage business you simply can't afford to find out about later. Brian's Pick a Lender program is one of them!

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