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Program Finder (Pick a Lender)

As the name implies, Pick a Lender, can help you select the right lender and loan program for all your borrowers. Pick a Lender is a completely objective, automated program that gives you instant answers. Simply follow the menu driven choices, make your selections and hit enter. Within minutes you'll know which lenders and programs will work for each individual.


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Q & A Archives

You'll enjoy an entire library of commonly asked loan scenario questions you can browse by intuitive menu's or keyword search phrases. A fantastic resource center, you'll use time and time again for educational purposes and building your knowledge base.

Ask A Question

A fantastic resource, you'll use time and time again to gain deep insights into all aspects of loan origination. While many questions focus on lender programs and borrower qualifications, the breadth of this section is amazing. You'll learn about credit scores, exceptions to FNMA, FHA and VA guidelines, newly emerging loan programs, RESPA guidelines and much, much more!



Regarding your words of wisdom to me about "staying grounded" in the midst of the success we are having with generating leads. And the reality of the amount of deals that end up falling-out and not closing. And that every deal actually has four separate closings:

"I have no delusions of grandeur. I realize that many deals fall apart, and that hard work and persistance will lead me towards success in this business. However what really excites me, is the act of doing the commercial business. Dealing with sophisticated borrowers and businesses. And Most importantly, the level of support and knowledge that I am getting from you and Commercial Capital is well above and beyond my expectations. I feel empowered! It is probably the best money and investment that I have ever made in my Career."

Thank you!!!

David Walis

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