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About CommercialHotLine.net

CommercialHotline.net is a powerful new web-based service that provides brokers and managers with the ultimate information platform. You can tap into an incredible knowledge base of educational programs, marketing and sales systems, live human and automated pick a lender programs and much much more. The ability to ask questions and get answers back immediately is just one feature of this powerful new site.

Brian Peart

Brian Peart is President of Nexus Financial Group AE. Brian has personally assisted thousands of homeowners in his career, many of them first time buyers. Brian's free monthly seminars on "How To Get Your Dream Home" has helped turn more apartment renters into home owners than any other seminar of its kind.

Rachael Eyzaguirre


Commercial Capital


Nexus Financial Group

Nexus Financial Group, has become the premier information source for mortgage originators and sales managers. Through it's Top Producer Training course and magazine, they have become the industries #1 provider of home study courses.

Commercial Capital Netbranch



Hello Rachael,

Teresa and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your time and consideration. I already send an email request to Nikki for your Loan Submission form. We appreciated your critique of our 'marketing skills' with the roll playing. We are following your suggestion of roll playing, making the suggested changes to our website loan request form, and becoming a value resource to a client not just a 'loan taker'.

We look forward to working with you as a 'mentor' as well as partnering with you on future loan deals. We have marketing expertise in other areas of business, we need to gather more confidence by gaining more knowledge and experience. With your help and guidance we know we can reach the goals of becoming successful commercial loan specialists.

Again, thank you for your time and patience.

How can we improve this website feature?

Please take a minute to let us know how we can improve this section of our website. We appreciate your suggestions, and will make every effort to turn your wishes into reality.